WonderBeauty™️ – Waist Trainer
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WonderBeauty™️ – Waist Trainer


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Lose 2-4 Inches Off Your Waist And Create That Sexy Hourglass Figure That You’ve Always Wanted In The Next 30 Days!

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous, embrace your femininity, and feel confident in your body!

Why Waist Train?

Short, tall, thick, slim, male or female…this is the trainer for you!

Develop An Hourglass Figure:

You will experience your waistlines shrinking and as the waist becomes smaller, the body appears more hourglass and shapely!

Lose Stubborn Belly Fat:

Rapidly shed stubborn belly fat. Developed with a 3 layer technology to shape the body by tucking in the belly fat and love handles. The fat no longer just hangs below the beltline and thus the stomach muscles are being engaged throughout the day. Wear the waist trainer while eating and you’ll notice a reduction in appetite leading to smaller meal portions and fewer calories consumed throughout the day.

Instantly Slim Your Waistline:

The moment you put on your WonderBeauty Waist Trainer you notice a 1-3 inch reduction in your waistline! Great for wearing under a tight dress for an amazing figure!

Postpartum Benefits:

The whole concept of WonderBeauty Waist Trainer was created due to a family history of postpartum belly wrapping. For generations, women would wrap their bellies with cotton cloths for 3 months postpartum to help bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. Women who have worn WonderBeauty during postpartum have reported a reduction in belly fat much faster than with their first pregnancy. Women have also experienced that the waist trainer may help with loose skin and closing diastasis recti.

Reduce Back Pain & Improve Posture:

A great benefit of the WonderBeauty trainer comes from the Flexi-Steel boning. It’s the support system of the trainer, it’s what sucks in your gut and provides support to your spine. You will notice better posture instantaneously and after only two weeks back pain related to posture may subside.

Thick or Slim?

Waist training isn’t just for us thick girls, it’s also amazing for very thin ladies who are looking to develop a more shapely figure.

Size Chart:

Product Specification:

  • 100% Latex. Lining: 96% Cotton 4% Spandex
  • This garment runs small. If your hips are 2 inches (or more) wider than your waist, we recommend sizing up.
  • Double layer of  belt for firm waist control and to slim midsection.
  • Dual elastic velcro straps for easy adjustment and secure closure and make sure that the belt is fastened tightly around the abs.
  • Made with high-quality latex, designed to sweat more. 
  • Adjustable compression contours any body type and customize the fit.