Twist Comb
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Twist Comb


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Twist Up is the BEST Twist comb ever! creating a more comfort feel as you create your flawless twist.

Proud to be BLAC. We embrace that power and we stand together in unity wearing our natural hair proudly as the KINGS and QUEENS we are!



  • Two in one, both an Afro Comb and a twisting comb
  • Quick, twist your hair in under one minute
  • Easy to clean, unlike traditional sponges
  • Use to comb, twist and start your dreads


How to use:
  • Before using, make sure that your hair is completely dry. Apply small amount of hair gel or lotion to hair
  • Hold the comb against the scalp and rub it in a circular motion against your head going in one direction so that the Reverse do not untangle. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your hair with the comb
  • In minutes, you will have the greatest¬†hair style ever