The Breeze Band™
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The Breeze Band™


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The Breeze Band™ has been designed to provide perfect comfort and style for exercise during colder mornings and evenings. Whether you’re practicing yoga, walking the dog, or playing soccer, you’re guaranteed to find this band a gamechanger. Here’s why:

Ponytail hole = No more frustrating slippage

The Breeze Band™ has a unique ponytail hole located at the rear. Just thread your hair through it and your band will stay in place instead of bobbing up and down.

Keep your ear buds and headphones in place

The Breeze Band™ keeps your wireless ear buds safe and in place!

No more stinging red ears

The Breeze Band™ provides full ear coverage to keep them protected and snug, while still feeling light.

Total comfort for focused exercise

Made from soft polyester and a hint of spandex to give it some stretch, the band wicks away all sweat before it has a chance to reach your eyes. It’s so light and breathable you won’t even remember you put it on.