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Slip Resistant Shoe Covers
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Slip Resistant Shoe Covers


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Slip Resistant Shoe Covers to Keep you safe! No more slip and fall injuries with these ingenious shoe covers!

When you work in an area where you may encounter difficult conditions underfoot, you need these best Slip Resistant Shoe Covers to ensure your safety. Slip Resistant Shoe Covers is a prerequisite when you work in many different industries including kitchens, restaurants as servers, the docks, factories and others.

The ultra-elastic and portable design allows you to easily fold them and carry them in your bag, or even your pockets.


  • Non slip shoe covers: Slip Resistant Shoe Covers are equipped with anti-slip soles to prevent slipping.

  • Waterproof shoe covers: Perfect for any reason you need your shoes kept dry or clean.

  • 100% Portable: You will love the foldable and lightweight design of this shoe cover and this implies that it is easy to transport it from one place to another.

  • Reusable and highly durable: this implies that it will serve you for a prolonged period.

  • Best quality: Made of premium ultra-elastic non-toxic silicone rubber.

  • Color Choices: White, Black, Brown, Blue, Yellow or Red