Original Military Tactical Camo Glove
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Original Military Tactical Camo Glove


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Achieve Full Protection For Your Hands!

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Field-tested results*

 Military Tactical Camo Glove™ ensures a full hand and palm protection.

 Double fabric layer increases buffering and easily absorbs the impact force

 Anti-skid gridding guarantees the great ease of movement and maximum comfort.


Military Tactical Camo Glove™ is made of waterproof and windproof fabric

Multifunctional and Tactical Design

Made to handle all of your activities, they can be used as military, combat, batting, hunting, shooting, motorcycle, cycling, and hiking gloves. Ergonomic design offers excellent grip and fitting.

Breathable Material

Odor-free breathable materials and functional vent design enable gloves to be worn on both hot and extremely cold days.

Easily adjustable

Military Tactical Camo Glove™ fits snuggly and sturdy into palm and all fingers without any movement without the unwanted discomfort. Gloves are not stiff and not bulky, they are adjustable and allow dexterity

Ensure full palm protection during extreme activities

Protect your hands and get a stronger grip!


Your knuckles will be safe with ergonomic cushions made to absorb the impact, and a resistant outside layer which will prevent any damage on your hands.


You can do all sorts of activities without the gloves bothering you, because they are so light you won’t even feel them.


You can drive, play sports, or defend yourself with these gloves, and even use them as military, combat, shooting, hunting, shooting, archery, tactical training paintball or gloves.


No matter how often you wear them, Tactical Gloves will stay resistant to abrasion and tearing due to high-quality microfiber, sewed with double thread.