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Original Magic Gate Dog Safe Guard
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Original Magic Gate Dog Safe Guard


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Magic Gate keeps your dog out of certain areas of your home. Close the gate, stop worrying. Have fun.

Magic Gate

Why you need it ?

  • With the Magic Gate, you’ll be able to keep your dog near you, but you’ll also be able to keep him or her from causing trouble inside or outside the house.
  • Once the dog is securely behind this gate, he or she won’t be able to bolt out the door, run wildly through your living room, or jump on guests while they’re drinking coffee or tea.
  • The gate is transparent, so your dog will still be able to see you as you go about your daily business at home.
  • Besides using it on a variety of doorways in the home, you can also use it at the top or bottom of a staircase.
Magic Gate


Features of Magic Gate :


  • Lightweight & Portable : Width 41 inches * height 31 inches, Suitable for most ordinary family doors. Pet safety enclosure perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors.
  • Built with tough partially see-through woven mesh fabric woven to withstand abuse from pets
  • Unique woven barrier that easily retracts to fully or partially quick pass-through
  • Completely assembled for immediate use. No tools required
  • Lightweight and portable to meet all your on-the-go needs
  • Each Set Includes one fabric woven, two stretchable poles and four sticky hooks
Magic Gate


How to Use :

  • Unfold the fabric woven
  • Stretch two metal poles to the max length
  • Put these two poles into the tunnels on both sides
  • Fix the sticky hooks where you will install this magic gate
  • Hang the fabric woven on the four hooks.
Magic Gate


Frequently Asked Question :

1. I’m confused about how the bottom works. Do you have to re-hook the loops at the top and the bottom each time you walk through?
For the most convenient setup, on one side of your magic gate, hook it to both the bottom and the top, and on the other side, hook it to just the top. This way when walking through your MagicGate you would only have to unhook just the top.
2. Will it hold against a large dog jumping on it, or running into it?
Magic Gate is made using highly durable material, and easily blocks the passage of big dogs.
3. I have a 23in door opening will this be too big for my opening?
No, it works with any size doorway that is smaller than the length of the gate.
Magic Gate

Package Included :

1 x Black fabric woven (31 inches tall and expands to 41 inches wide)

2 x Stretchable poles

8 x Sticky hooks (4 packs X 2 Set for FREE )