Original Jumborope Heavy Jump Rope
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Original Jumborope Heavy Jump Rope


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Jump To A Healthy & Strong Body! 

A weighted rope workout touches on everything from improved conditioning, endurance, coordination, balance, speed, weight loss, foot work, and more. And, it’s a proven tool that’s been around for centuries.

But what happens when you introduce resistance into your jump rope training to create a weighted rope workout ? Introducing The Jumborope the weighted jump rope that builds strength, conditioning, and coordination all at Once.

Made with durable Polygripped fabric the Jumborope was designed to last generations, with daily use. With the 25mm thick and weighted rope you can build an amazing body, Here is Why!

1- You Burn More Calories

Double your Calorie burn! Using Jumborope can burn nearly twice the number of Calories as other cardio training tools.

2- You Learn Faster

Jumborope increase feedback which helps beginners get a better fell for the rope this leads to fewer mistakes, less frustration, and much faster skill development than regular ropes

3- Greater Muscle Engagement

it’s simple : increased resistance equals increased muscle engagement. After an intense 20 minute workout with Jumborope , you’ll feel like you just completed a full-body training session.

4-It’s Fun And Versatile

With Jumborope, you’ll have an unlimited number of training options. Not only is awesome for cardio and HIIT, but they are also great for strength, endurance, and performance training.

Warm up % Cool Down : Jumborope can be used to warm up and cool down for any type of exercise

Indoors & Outdoors : it’s convenient and portable, but also more durable outdoors than a normal rope. That means you can take your training anywhere

Cross-Training :Jumborope can be mixed with other training tools to help jumpers improve coordination, speed, endurance , and strength

Varying Intensity Levels : Interchangeable handles allow for a quick change of rope wights, so workouts can go from slow and and heavy to light and quick-in seconds

Unlimited Workout Combos :Keep your mind and body sharp with an infinite number of jump rope skills and circuits. You’ll never have to do the same Workout twice.

5- A Full-Body Workout Wherever You Go

whether you’re a frequent traveler or you want to squeeze in a quick workout at lunch, Jumborope will give you a killer full-body Workout anywhere.

There’s only one person who can improve your health, burn your calories, and change your physique, and that’s you.


  • Color : Black
  • Thickness : 25mm
  • Length : 2.8m