Mystique Set – 12 | 4 Ink Pack
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Mystique Set – 12 | 4 Ink Pack


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Crystal Glass Pen | Mystique Set – 12 | 4 Ink Pack

Handcrafted To Perfection

Invisible UV Ink (Separate Add-on)

Mystique Color Range:

  • Sky Blue
  • Sparkle
  • Deep Blue
  • Cloud White
  • Earth Green
  • Diamond

We created the Crystal Glass Pen to give the freedom and creativity back to the artist for whatever their heart desires. We feel the forgotten skills of ink writing have been lost and we are trying to bring it back in style with a modern feel. Everything from drawing to calligraphy is now possible with a dip of the pen. 

What’s Inside: 

  • 1 x Mystique Glass Pen
  • 12 x Ink Pack OR 4 x Ink Pack