Modular Touch Lights
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Modular Touch Lights


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  • Create any structure to suit your needs using the hexagonal magnetic tiles then simply turn on and off by touching.
  • Easy Swipe for light, touch-sensitive lighting.
  • Each and every LED tile can be connected together by magnets. Attach them to one another in patterns or pull them apart and rearrange them into a whole new design. Have your lights up on the wall and working within minutes.
  • Add a futuristic and funky touch to your office or living space with this multifaceted lighting solution. Construct and create any design with these hexagonal magnetic LED lights. Featuring touch sensitive technology, this versatile light fixture adds a whole new dimension to your decor!
  • Tired of the same old, boring lamps and light fixtures and yearning for something super unique, more exciting and a whole lot of fun? Well, then we’ve got the perfect light fixture for you! These remarkable, Modular Touch Lights are all of the above and a whole lot more!
  • These modular touch lights are not something you can just read about, no. These touch lights are something you have to experience.
  • Extremely easy to set up, mount, and getting them to work.
  • I bet none of your neighbors or friends have these (at least not yet!).
  • There are so many places around the house these Modular Touch Lights can come in handy or provide a unique look to :  Closet, Living room, Family room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garden, get creative !