Microwave Oven Heating Cover – Splash Proof, Oil Proof, Fresh-Keeping...

This microwave oven dish cover can cover the food, so the oil won’t splash on the inner wall of the microwave oven.
The microwave oven food cover has a handle that is comfortable to hold and lets you can easily lift the cover.
The PP food cover can protect the food, so the insect and pests won’t easily get inside.
The dish cover is mainly made of PP material that is abrasion-resistant and not easy to be damaged, has a long lifespan.
The food cover is safe and healthy to use, the smooth and fine surface makes it more comfortable to use, and let you can easily wash it.

Material: PP.
Color: Show as picture.
Handle color: Color random.(Due to color is random,customer may receive same color product while purchase several products.)
Size: 26x10cm.


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