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Hard Hat With Solar Cooling Fan
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Hard Hat With Solar Cooling Fan


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How to get along better with high temperatures for summer outdoor worker?There are many people who have to be in the hot sun or in high temperature for various reasons, maybe you, your husband or your wife, your father, your mother, or your partners, etc. When you want to end it, but have to continue, this Solar Cooling Hard Hat is your choice. Very simple and very easy to get along with hot day.


This item is designed for offering protection and cool to people who need a safety helmet in summer.

This helmet makes your work more comfortable due to its solar powered fan design. Suitable for construction workers, motorcycle drivers, firefighters, etc.

Powered by built-in Solar plate, no battery, convenient and energy saving
The fan operation is automatic, the more sunshine, the faster it goes.
Environmental protection, energy saving and high technology
Beautiful outlook and modern design, durable.