3 In 1 Bottle Gap Cleaner Brush Multifunctional Brush Cup Crevice Mini Silicone...


Are you looking for a 3-in-1 multifunctional cleaning brush to make your household cleaning easier?

Look no further than the 3 In 1 Bottle Gap Cleaner Brush Multifunctional Brush Cup Crevice Mini Silicone Cup-Holder Cleaner Household Cleaning Tools!


🧽Multifunctional Cleaning Brush: This cleaning brush features a multifunctional design, allowing you to clean different surfaces with ease.

🧹Silicone Cup Brush: The brush also comes with a silicone cup brush, perfect for cleaning cups and bottles.

🧼Rotary Cleaning Brush: It also features a rotary cleaning brush, making it easier to get into hard-to-reach areas.

🍼Nursing Bottle Insulation Cup Cleaning Brush: This brush is perfect for cleaning nursing bottles and insulation cups.

🧽Household Gap Cleaning Brush: The brush is also great for cleaning household gaps and crevices.

🍼Multifunctional Silicone Baby Pacifier Cup: The brush also comes with a multifunctional silicone baby pacifier cup.

🔄360 Degree Rotation: The brush comes with a 360 degree rotation, allowing you to clean at any angle.


– Material: Silicone & Plastic
– Size: approx. 8.5*7.5cm
– Color: Blue


1. Place the cleaning brush into the gap or crevice you want to clean.
2. Turn the brush handle in a circular motion to clean the surface.
3. Remove the brush and rinse with water.
4. Allow the brush to air dry before storing.


Q: Does this brush come with a warranty?
A: Yes, this brush comes with a one-year warranty.

Q: Is this brush suitable for cleaning hard surfaces?
A: Yes, this brush is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces.


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