100pcs Disposable Kitchen Sink Filters Sewer drain anti-blocking garbage bag...

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Do you want an efficient way to keep your kitchen and bathroom drains clog-free?

Look no further than these 100 PCS Disposable Sink Strainer Mesh Bags! These mesh bags are an excellent solution for kitchen and bathroom sinks, preventing clogs and making clean-up a breeze.


🌱 Eco-Friendly: These mesh bags are made from environmentally friendly materials and are completely recyclable.

🧼Stocked: These bags are stocked and ready to ship, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for them to arrive.

🗑Colanders & Strainers: With the mesh design of these bags, you can easily strain out food particles and other debris from your sink.


– Material: Mesh
– Size: 9*9 cm
– Color: White


Simply place the mesh bag in your sink drain, and it will catch all the food particles, debris, and other materials that could potentially clog your sink. When the bag is full, simply remove it and throw it away.


Q: How often should I replace the bag?
A: It depends on how often you use your sink, but we recommend replacing the bag every 1-2 weeks.

Q: Are these bags reusable?
A: No, these bags are not reusable and should be disposed of after use.

5 reviews for 100pcs Disposable Kitchen Sink Filters Sewer drain anti-blocking garbage bag...

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    I’m happy with it! Recommend!!! 

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    Nice Nice I recommend

  3. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    This is awesome

  4. Charles (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  5. Aiden (verified owner)

    Great  I’ll order another one.

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